Date: 25.01.2020

The XIV International Congress on Reproductive Medicine took place on January 21-24, 2020, in the National Medical Research Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after Academician V.I. Kulakov of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Fed

32 foreign experts from Austria, Great Britain USA, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Israel and India made presentations in the congress. In total there were 1489 participants from 24 countries, 176 cities and 66 regions of the Russian Federation, including from CIS countries.

Gennadiy Sukhikh – Director of the Center in his greeting speech enlightened in detail the demographic goals facing the country,  the increase of birthrate from the point of view of the national priority and the challenges addressed to the Center in the frames of the national status.

Leila Adamyan –Deputy Director of the Center introduced foreign experts:A.Wattiez (France), J. Deprest (Belgium), R. Tozzi (Great Britain), H.J.T. Coelingh Bennink (the Netherlands), A.Genazzani (Italy), Дж.К Ди Ренцо (Italy), E. Somigliana (Italy), А. Romeo (Italy) J.Hamou (France),  D. Adamson (USA),  B. Arabin (Germany), T. Simoncini (Italy), K. Kawamura (Japan), S. Angioni (Italy),  Ph. Koninckx (Belgium), A. Ussia (Italy), Watrelot (France), A. Romeo (Brasil), V. Senikas (Canada), Z. Ben Rafael (Israel), D.Valsky (Israel), А. Setubal (Portugal) etc., who contribvuted to the Programme with presentations, lectures, master classes. etc. on the most hot topics of  gynecology, reproductive medicine and interdisciplinary fields, and brought to the attention of the audience the latest technologies in diagnostics and treatment.

Much attention was directed to the minimally invasive interventions in the reconstructive, pelvic and fetal surgery, the problems of reproductive medicine, obstetrics and oncological gynecology, the ways to optimize the results of gynecological surgery, the new technologies in protection of women’s health and reproductive health, new tendencies in instrumental and laboratory diagnosis of gynecological diseases.

The following events were held in the frames of the Congress:

•   17 plenary and free communications sessions: management of high risk pregnancies, reproductive surgery, diagnosis and prevention of endometriosis and gynecologic oncological diseases, men’s reproductive health, maternal and fetal medicine, pediatric and adolescent gynecology, infertility, rehabilitation in reproduction;

  • schools of foreign experts on perinatal medicine,  changes in medical education, manoeuvres during childbirth and their long-term effects, laparoscopy in reproductive surgery, multidisciplinary approach to correction of dysfunctions of the reproductive system;
  • master-classes on reproductive surgery with participation of foreign experts and specialist of the Center and their on-line broadcast from 3 operating theaters of the Center;
  • training course on endoscopic surgery with the use of exercise equipment and simulators;
  • final stage of the contest of young scientists’ reports: the doctors of the Center were among the winners. The first place winner was Maria Yurova, who reported on «Differentiation of the stage of malignant ovarian epithelial neoplasms based on  HPLC-MS analysis of blood serum”. The second place winner was Andrey Romanov with his presentation «The use of computer assisted teaching in prediction outcomes of ART programs”.