The 1st Maternity Department

Head of the Department: Irina Meshalkina, Ph.D., obstetrician-gynecologist


The 2nd Maternity Department

Head of the Department: Alla Ignatieva, Ph.D., obstetrician-gynecologyst



The obstetricians-gynecologists of the 1st and the 2nd Maternity Departments provide a full set of qualified medical care for future mothers, young mothers and newborns. The friendly teams of both Departments treat mothers and newborns with respect, creating comfortable atmosphere.

During the stay in the Department every woman undergoes a complete medical check-up, ultrasound examination and, if necessary, she may be consulted by other specialists. Highly qualified doctors follow up the state of the mother and her newborn baby 24 hours per day. Twice a week the Head of the Department personally examines every woman.

All patients in both Departments receive medical care not only from obstetricians-gynecologists and ultrasound diagnosticians, but also from other specialists: cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists, ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, hematologists, surgeons and psychotherapists. The newborn babies are followed-up by the neonatologists and baby nurses round the clock.

Health care provided in the Departments:

  • management of physiological delivery and postnatal care;
  • management of operative delivery;
  • consultations;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • rehabilitation;
  • support in breastfeeding;
  • «The school of happy parents»;
  • psychological support
  • safety and comfort for mothers and babies

Excellent medical specialists work in the 1st and the 2nd Maternity Departments, which are equipped with the latest equipment and provide comfortable conditions for the mother’s and the baby’s stay. Depending on the woman’s wish and medical indications, she may stay in the inpatient facility together with her newborn baby. 70% of the wards are designated for the rooming-in of the mother and the baby, or they may stay separately. In this case the baby is admitted to the neonatal unit.

The mother and the newborn usually stay together. A neonatologist examines the newborn in the ward in the presence of the mother. The baby nurse will teach the mother how to care for her baby. If the mother and the newborn stay in separate wards, the baby is daily followed-up by the doctor, and then the doctor informs the mother about the baby’s health.

It is up to the woman’s choice to stay either in a single or in a double room, as well as in the ward of enhanced comfort. Each ward has a shower room, toilet, refrigerator, TV set, electric kettle and the emergency call system, a comfortable baby shell bath and the bassinet.

The balanced meals are offered to the women, considering the diet habits with respect to breastfeeding and mother’s condition. The visits of family members are welcome daily.

IMPORTANT: during hospital stay, the infants are vaccinated in accordance with the national calendar of vaccination. If a newborn undergoes the second stage of nursery care, every day the mother may visit, take care and feed the baby even after the check-out from the hospital.

Support in breastfeeding

We support women in their wish for breastfeeding in all possible cases. If a woman decides to breastfeed, the specialists of the Department will explain the rules of successful breastfeeding, how to feed the baby, how to care for the breast, and provide all necessary information about  lactation and breast feeding techniques and the diet for breastfeeding mothers.

The breastfeeding is possible both during staying together or separately. In the last case the baby nurse brings the baby to mother for breastfeeding.

Psychological support

The “School of happy parents” is functioning in the Department, where a psychotherapist and a sexologist conduct adaptive trainings. The main psychological problems are discussed in the early and late postpartum period, as well as the development and strengthening of feelings and relationships between the partners. Another component of teaching is mastering practical skills in training the intimate muscles and methods of preventing postpartum depression. 


The mothers are consulted and provided with methodological recommendations on the course of the postnatal period, hygienic care, contraception, nutrition, gymnastics and behavior after discharge from the hospital. The infant medical nurse teachers the mothers for baby care.

After discharge from the hospital the doctors are always ready to give all necessary consultations, as well as provide round-the-clock medical aid in the admission room in case of emergency.