Gynecologic Department of Physiotherapeutic Rehabiltation

Head of the Department: Marina Ipatova, M.D.,


The Department provides medical care  in the following conditions and situations:

  • infertility and miscarriage;
  • thin endometrium; preparation to IVF;
  • after gynecologic surgery of any volume and by any access;
  • chronic pelvic pain,  management of  menopausal disorders;
  • treatment of gynecologic diseases in children and adolescents;
  • treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases in male partner in infertile couples;
  • prevention and treatment of postpartum inflammatory complications;
  • early rehabilitation after breast surgery;
  • treatment of late-onset lymphedema after surgery


The Department is functioning since 1962 and provides a full cycle of complex rehabilitation therapy aimed at maintaining woman’s reproductive health, prevention and treatment of gynecologic and urologic diseases and recovery after surgical treatment. Lately, the programs for the patients of the Andrology Department have been introduced.

The specialists of the Department have vast experience in the development and application of differentiated physiotherapeutic tactics in all areas of obstetrics, gynecology, urogynecology and andrology based on the complex clinical diagnosis.

The dynamic functional examination (repeated examinations, rheography of the pelvic area, ultrasound, dopplerometry of the uterine vessels and other diagnostic options) is carried out for adequate treatment adjustment based on the assessment of body responses.

On the very next day after any surgical intervention, miscarriage, the start of antibacterial therapy, the patients of the Center undergo rehabilitation treatment. The early start of physiotherapy accelerates the recovery process, prevents postoperational complications, significantly reduces functional changes in pelvic structures following surgery, reduces the drug load and shortens the length of hospital stay.