Division of Innovative Technologies in Obstetrics

Head of the Division: Oleg Baev, MD, Professor

E-mail:  o_baev@oparina4.ru

The mission: prenatal consilium

Every week perinatal consultations are provided for pregnant women with fetal defects in their babies from all over the country, including with diaphragmatic hernia, omphalocele, kidney defects, cardiac pathologies. After the birth in the Center, the newborns are transferred to the Department of Neonatal Surgery for further treatment without transportation to other medical facilities.

The number of pregnant patients with congenital malformations of the fetus admittance to the Department has significantly increased due to the improved accessibility to telemedicine consultations.

The  consultations include:  clarification of treatment tactics (62%), possibility of admittance to the Center (30%), final diagnosis (6%), malformations and other fetal pathologies (32%), severe obstetric complications (24%), complicated pregnancy (20%), postoperative complications (12%), diseases of the neonatal period (10%), other reasons (2%).

Obstetricians, together with surgeons are working to solve a problem of placenta ingrowth. This is the main cause of maternal mortality worldwide, primarily due to the huge blood loss. In the Center a unique surgical technique was introduced that allowed to minimize the blood loss and preserve the uterus.  Several cases in the Center were followed by pregnancy in patients, who underwent removal of the ingrown placenta with the new surgical technique.