Frederic Paulsen (Senior) Scientific And Educational Center Of Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Head of the Department: Marina Shakhova, MD, Professor, E-mail:


Frederic Paulsen Scientific and Educational Center of Assisted Reproductive Technologies is the largest in the Eastern Europe training facility for professional education and training of obstetricians, gynecologists, reproductologists and embryologists involved in the treatment of infertility using ART. The Center was officially opened on October 28, 2016.

The Center was created with the financial support of Charity Foundation for Preservation and Restoration of Human Reproductive Health and was named after its founder Frederick Paulsen Senior. The concept and the …was designed by the leading experts in Europe in the field of IVF.

The Center began its work in September 2017 in accordance with all standards of the educational system of Russia.

The core staff of the Department includes obstetrician-gynecologists, reproductologists, embryologists, and urologists-andrologists.


Specialists at the Frederic Paulsen Scientific and Educational Center of Assisted Reproductive Technologies provide consultations to the patients with infertility, concomitant and underlying conditions; diagnostic examination and treatment before IVF program. This Department offers:

•          All types of assisted reproductive technology programs;

•          A program for preparing a couple for pregnancy, which includes: a complete examination of the couple, an individual examination schedule, a treatment plan and psychologic support;

•          A controlled ovulation induction followed by intrauterine insemination;

•          Preservation of reproductive material in patients with cancer;

•          Special programs with donor oocytes, sperm or embryos;

•          Surrogacy programs;

•          Individual treatment of infertility in “complex patients” (late reproductive age, somatic and gynecological diseases, organ transplantation);

•          The most modern, innovative embryological approaches to selection of the best oocytes, spermatozoa, embryos to ensure birth of healthy children in patients with chromosomal abnormalities, and gene mutations;


An important mission of the Frederic Paulsen Scientific and Educational Center of Assisted Reproductive Technologies is to organize and hold the scientific research and training courses for researchers, doctors, and embryologists to maximize the effectiveness of infertility treatment using ART programs, particularly:

•          Theoretical education of obstetrician-gynecologists and embryologists;

•          Hands-on training on simulators of retrieval and embryo transfer;

•          Practical training of embryologists in embryology and andrology laboratories;

•          Development and implementation of new treatment methods and embryological techniques in ART programs;

•          Organization of congresses, symposia, scientific and practical conferences, master classes, and trainings.

The specialists of the Training Center elaborated the ART educational and training programs for additional professional education of embryologists and obstetricians-gynecologists. In the past 5 years almost 1 000 specialists including those form the CIS countries have undergone training in the Center. The invited experts from Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA are among the trainers and speakers of the courses.   

The Center is equipped with the most modern medical, laboratory and simulation-training equipment. It allows the Center to be the major educational base for training in the field of assisted reproduction, as well as a platform for scientific and clinical research.