Department of Reproductive Hematology and Clinical Hemastasiology

Head of the Department: Maria Vinogradova, Ph.D.


The Department provides counselling care to women with existing or suspected hematological diseases, as well as changes in the hemostatic system, who are pregnant or planning pregnancy, have reproductive disorders.

The staff of the Department includes highly qualified professionals with outstanding expertise. High-tech equipment helps to provide a full cycle of medical care to mothers and babies


-              oncological blood diseases;

-              hereditary and acquired hemorrhagic disorders;

-              various thrombophilic conditions;

-              thrombotic microangiopathies;

-              bone marrow failure syndromes;

-              immune-mediated cytopenias;

-              other blood diseases.

Each therapy program is based on comprehensive health assessment by our specialists together with the specialists from other departments of the Center - obstetricians-gynecologists, geneticists, neonatologists, oncologists to ensure successful pregnancy and childbirth.


Research work covers the following aspects:

-              to assess the effect of blood pathology and ongoing therapy on pregnancy outcomes (health status of mothers and babies and the course of the disease);

-              to develop the algorithms of diagnostics and treatment of blood diseases and hemorrhagic disorders during pregnancy;

-              to study the role of hemorrhagic disorders in the genesis of pregnancy complications and failed IVF;

-              to understand the mechanisms of coagulopathy in various abnormal conditions.