Department of Newborns

Head of the Department: Leila Timofeeva, PhD



The motto of the Department is: “Healthy newborns and happy parents!”

Friendly atmosphere and early contact between the mother and the baby form a positive emotional birth experience important for healthy climate in the family.


  • Special focus is on premature babies (34-37 weeks of pregnancy), who need individual temperature regime and special feeding formula.
  • Training of mothers on correct breastfeeding.
  • Alternative feeding formula for infants, not being breastfed  for medical or other reasons.
  • Individual consultations on breastfeeding, psychological trainings and lectures on home care.
  • Advanced diagnostic technologies for immediate intensive care.


The Department has 2 units. One is located in the main building of the Center and the other – in the Perinatal Center. Each Unit has 60 obstetric beds, providing rooming-in for mother and baby in specific situations as well as separate stay for mother and baby. Also, the Department has an Intensive Care Unit with 4 beds. It is equipped with all necessary high-technology tools for diagnostics and care of late premature babies. 


  • Study of clinical and physiological characteristics of newborn babies with uncomplicated and complicated course of the antenatal period
  • Introduction of new technologies of neonatal screening
  • Development of protocols of diagnostics and treatment of full-term infants of high perinatal risk in the period of early adaptation


Qualified personnel is available 24 hours every day.

If necessary, the infants are transferred to other pediatric departments of the Center and are consulted by the leading specialists of different profiles.

Ultrasound, X-ray examination, MRT, CT and other diagnostic investigations are conducted if indicated.

All kind of laboratory tests are available any time of the day.