Laboratory of Prenatal DNA Screening

Head of the Laboratory: Ilya Barkov



Research and clinical work of the Laboratory is dedicated to:

  • Development of methodological approaches and non-invasive prenatal DNA screening of aneuploidies and fetal genetic pathology in pregnant women; detection of clinically significant features in pregnant women with a burdened obstetric and gynecological history;
  • Introduction of DNA-screening into routine practice in obstetric and gynecological settings in the Russian Federation;
  • Development of new molecular genetic methods for non-invasive screening and prenatal diagnostics of chromosomal and gene pathology, validation and introduction to practice;
  • Analysis and interpretation of data obtained using modern molecular genetic methods of non-invasive prenatal DNA screening and/or confirmatory invasive diagnostics of chromosomal and gene pathology, including the results of molecular cytogenetic studies, chromosomal microarray analysis (molecular karyotyping), fragment analysis, high-throughput sequencing;
  • Clinical conclusions based on the results of laboratory tests