Laboratory of Medical Microbiology

Head of Laboratory:  Olga Goncharuk, doctor-bacteriologist



The Laboratory exists since 1944. Primarily, it was a subdivision of the Clinical Laboratory of the Center. Starting from 1980 the Laboratory has become a separate scientific and research institution.

The scientific laboratory studies the topical issues of infectious pathology in obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology.



The Laboratory is focused on diagnostics of diseases and determination of sensitivity to antimicrobial drugs.

Nowadays, the latest technologies based on automated bacteriological and mass spectrometric methods are used in the Laboratory.

The bacteriological studies are carried out for the patients of the Center. They include: microbiological study of biologic material and cultures for spectrum of pathogenes with assessment of entire antibacterial and antifungal susceptibility.


  • Research to identify and determine the sensitivity of pathogens of infectious and inflammatory diseases to antibiotics, monitoring the growth and resistance of clinically significant strains of microorganisms and their circulation of microorganisms in the hospital
  • Studies of microecology of genital tracts in girls, women of reproductive age without and with pregnancy and in the postmenopausal period
  • Studies of microbiota in newborns, including premature babies staying  in hospital
  • Research on the development of innovative drugs based on lactobacilli and bacteriophages, as well as new diagnostic test systems to detect the pathogens of infectious and inflammatory diseases and markers of antibiotic resistance