The 1st Normal Labor Department

Head of the Department

Oleg Baev, M.D., Professor, E-mail:


  • rational management of labor with high risk of obstetric and perinatal pathology;
  • prediction of outcomes in case of obstructed labor;
  • optimal tactics in management of labor with pelvic presentation;
  • investigation of  perinatal aspects of cesarean section;
  • computer assessment and prediction of the labor course



The 1st Labor Department of the Center provides the entire spectrum of high-tech obstetric care, fusing the traditions of classical obstetrics with the latest perinatal technologies. 1,500 - 2,500 births per year occur in this Department.

The staff has gained vast experience in managing the labor in women with various diseases and pathological conditions, including oncological diseases.

The Department strives for minimally aggressive obstetric practices. Careful methods are used to prepare for the childbirth allowing to avoid labor induction and to reduce the number of cesarean sections.

Highly qualified multidisciplinary team of anaesthesiologists, obstetrician-gynecologists and neonatologists are ready to provide any kind of emergency care, such as cesarian section, vacuum extraction and forceps delivery.

The doctors are qualified in all kinds of emergency medical care, they are available 24 hours per day, accept the patients 7 days per week, 365 days per year even on holidays and weekends.

IMPORTANT:  if desired, a contract for the individual management of labor may be concluded between the woman and personal doctor and/or midwife. They will arrive at the birth any time of any day of the week.

The 1st Labor Department consists of individual spacy wards, equipped with all necessary facilities for the individual labor: modern beds-transformers, equipment for continuous monitoring of maternal and fetal condition, ultrasound, infusion pumps, medical gas supply and centralized air climate control, allowing to keep optimal temperature and humidity in the delivery room.  Individual sets of medical instruments and single use sterile linen are available for each woman.

All kinds of labor are managed individually under responsive attention and control by the personnel of the Department, who provides necessary medical care and help to go through the process of childbirth with maximum comfort and support. Experienced doctors and midwives explain how to behave during the childbirth and inform about all the performed procedures and about their neсessity. Free behavior during labor and “vertical childbirth” are encouraged.

It is important that a woman feels home-like atmosphere during labor, and “the birth partner” is providing  additional psychoemotional support.

After birth, the baby is placed on the mother's abdomen and breast. The mother is encouraged to hold the baby in the first minutes of its life. At birth, the baby’s umbilical cord blood is analyzed for an objective assessment of the newborn’s condition.