The 1st Obstetric Department of Pregnancy Pathology

Head of  Division: Kristina Gladkova, Ph.D., Obstgetrician-Gynecologist, E-mail:

The 1st Obstetric Department of Pregnancy Pathology is the oldest Department of the Center and unique in Russia. It consolidates advanced practice and experience of management of pregnancy with severe obstetrical pathology and concomitant diseases.

The major goal is pregnancy preservation and successful births in all situations, provision of necessary healthcare to a woman at each stage of pregnancy and delivery, and to a newborn baby – the diagnosis of any complication during pregnancy, treatment and postnatal care. After birth a team of neonatologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists take care of the newborn. The team of specialists does their utmost to provide all diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in the very first seconds after the birth, including surgery that will help to preserve the newborn’s life, health and the quality of life in future.

The experts of the Department provide personal and remote telemedicine consultations in adherence to the best international practices and protocols. They also participate in visiting pregnant women.

All these conditions are in the scope of vigorous scientific research of the Department and the subject of no less than 50 publications annually.


The Department provides:

  • pregnancy monitoring and delivery after ART;
  • management of complicated  multiple pregnancy;
  • management of preterm delivery and miscarriage;
  • early prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia, placental insufficiency and fetal growth retardation, placenta previa/accreta;
  • management of pregnant women with: endocrine pathology; diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, obesity, cancer, systemic diseases of connective tissue, thrombophilic conditions and complications;
  • management of pregnancy in women after  kidney and liver transplantation in collaboration with Scientific Research Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs; 
  • monitoring for uterine and adnexal masses during pregnancy;
  • organ-sparing surgery during  delivery with the use of blood-saving techniques;
  • management of fetal cardiac arrhythmias;
  • surgical correction of congenital malformations during pregnancy by fetoscopy or open surgery 
  • surgical correction of fetal conditions (feto-fetal transfusion syndrome, anemia-polycythemia syndrome, reverse arterial perfusion) by fetoscopic minimally invasive surgery


Fetal manipulations include a full scope of surgical interventions and the use of minimaly invasive ultrasound laser and fetoscopic  techniques.

The tactics of pregnancy management with benign tumors and pelvic masses, including uterine myoma of various sizes and localization, ovarian cysts in women is developed together with the surgeons of the Department of Operative Gynecology. The monitoring of pregnant women with various oncological diseases diagnosed during pregnancy or pre-existing is carried out in the Department together with the oncologists.