Day Hospital

Head of the Department: Andrey Kuzemin, M.D.


Day Hospital is a clinical division in the Center, where each woman in the shortest time may visit the specialists she needs, get consultation, undergo diagnostic procedures, and if necessary, get medical and minimally invasive surgical treatment.

Highly qualified obstetricians-gynecologists, geneticians, anesthesiologists, nurses  will make the stay of the patients in Day Hospital comfortable and provide solution of the medical problems within one or several days depending on the  medical situation. Day Hospital is an opportunity to get qualified medical care  fast and easily.


The following procedures are performed in Day Hospital:

  • office hysteroscopy/cervicoscopy;
  • hysteroscopy with diagnostic curettage for endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial polyps;
  • hysteroresectoscopy for endometrial polyps and intrauterine synechiae;
  • aspiration/pipelle endometrial biopsy for histological examination of uterine cavity;
  • polypectomy – removal of polyps from the vagina, cervix, cervical canal, endometrium;
  • endometrial ablation;
  • abortion by vacuum aspiration and medical abortion;
  • vacuum aspiration for hematometra;
  • revision of the uterine cavity and removal of the anembryonic pregnancy, followed by a histological and genetic conclusion;
  • removal and insertion of IUD;
  • cervical biopsy;
  • excision /conization of the cervix using laser ablation and loop electrosurgery;
  • treatment of benign conditions of the uterine cervix using COlaser


Multidisciplinary care for women during pregnancy is the focus of the Day Hospital performance. The personnel of Day Hospital provides competent consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic care, optimization of time, costs and maximum comfort for pregnant women.

The pregnant women may undergo invasive genetic diagnostic procedures (amniocentesis, cordocentesis, chorionic and placental biopsy); and receive the prescribed parenteral treatment with intravenous infusion of medications under the supervision of medical personnel.