The 2nd Anatomical Pathology Department

Head of the Department

Alexander Shiogolev, M.D., Professor, E-mail:


The 2nd Anatomical Pathology Department was founded in December 2009. Previously, since 1993 it was a Laboratory of Perinatal Pathology with Prosectorium with the main function of intravital and postmortem diagnostics of the diseases in the fetuses and newborns, the analysis of the causes of perinatal losses, the studies of placenta and amniotic liquid in cases of congenital infections in newborns.


These  include assessment of pathological changes in human cells and tissues for final diagnosis; comprehensive morphological study of placenta; complications development in mother and fetus; a comprehensive pathological examination of the surgical material from the patients of the Department of Neonatal Surgery; autopsy and histological examination in case of early and late abortions, perinatal and neonatal death.


The research work is focused on development of criteria for morphological diagnosis and study of the pathogenesis of disorders in the "mother-placenta-fetus" system in high-risk pregnancies - preeclampsia, placental insufficiency, induced pregnancy.