Reference Center

Head of the Department: Alexandra Asaturova, M.D., pathologist


Reference Center was established in 2019 with purpose to realize the Federal Project “The fight with oncological diseases”.


  • consultations and interpretation of the results of  pathomorphological, immunocytochemial, cytological and x-ray examinations of neoplasms in female reproductive system
  • expert conclusion based on the results of pathomorphological, immunohistochemical, cytological and x-ray examinations;
  • methodological assistance to healthcare facilities across the country on the issues of pathomorphological, immunohistochemical, cytological and radiological diagnostics of tumors and neoplasms of the female reproductive system;
  • conducting educational trainings for specialists of anatomical pathology, cytology and radiological departments;
  • informational interaction is carried in the form of consultations using telemedicine technologies;
  • remote  teleconsultations on medical documents, histoscans, cytoscans and X-ray images 
Reference Center collaborates with oncological and other medical settings and performs histological and immunohistochemical studies for their patients.