Institute of Obstetrics 

Director of the Institute: Roman Shmakov, MD., Professor of RAS



The main reasons for the increase in the number of births in the National Center are: the image; effective, understandable and “easy” birth programs; modern technologies in neonatology and obstetrics, development of interregional cooperation.

The Institute of Obstetrics has 3 Divisions. Each Division has its own priorities and focus areas.


- Development of the research priority areas;

- Development of clinical recommendations with subsequent audit  implementation in the regions;

- Review of maternal mortality cases in the Russian Federation;

- Creation of the Russian data base "NEAR MISS";

- Audit of maternity hospitals of levels 3A and 3B;

- Participation in optimization of the Teleconsultation System for Obstetrics in the Russian Federation;

- Participation in the research and educational programs.