Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

Head of the Department: Alexey Pyregov, MD, E-mail:

Throughout the years the Deparment pioneered the new methods of anesthesia in birth and operative delivery, advanced intensive care for patients with severe somatic diseases and complicated pregnancy, emergent gynecologic and obstetrical conditions.

The Department delivers a twenty-four hour care throughout the Center for both elective and urgent patients and is equipped with the most innovative devices and medications for anesthesia and resuscitation procedures.

The staff involves 27 experienced resuscitation experts, anesthesiologists and surgeons.

The Department specialists are highly skilled professionals who master all up-to-date anesthesia methods:

  • combined general anesthesia with the use of inhalation and intravenous anesthetics;
  • spinal anesthesia;
  • epidural and walking epidural anesthesia;
  • combined anesthesia;
  • peripheral regional blocks.

There are 15 fully equipped operating rooms, furnished with modern anesthesia-respiratory devices,  allowing to control sedation, depth of anesthesia and muscle relaxation, as well as environmental parameters, humidity, noise level. Special attention is given to postoperative anesthesia with the focus on regional blockades and multimodal conception of postoperative pain relief.