Department of Transfusion Immunology and Blood Banking

Head of the Department: Oksana Bystrykh, Ph.D.


The Department provides consultations as well as medical assistance to patients with prior hemorrhages and complications during blood transfusion. Our specialists prepare individual and general blood components necessary for operative procedures, conduct immunohematologic blood group express-tests for immune sensibilization, and also provide control and care at all stages of hemotransfusion therapy throughout the Center.

The Department includes experienced specialists who deal with the most difficult obstetrical and gynecologic problems.

Our possibilities

  • Provision of high-quality and safe autoblood and blood donated components for surgery, operative delivery for patients with blood disorders,  anemia, for intrauterine blood transfusion to the fetus;
  • Conduction of advanced immunohematologic tests in patients with rare blood groups, specific and complicated  hemotransfusion history, blood diseases, Rh-conflict, ABO hemolytic disease;
  • Elaboration and introduction of cryotechnologies for donor erythrocytes and thrombocytes banking, including components with rare phenotypes available for long-term storage up to 10 years;
  • Monitoring of safety and efficiency of hemotransfusion therapy as well as donors engagement in order to maintain the Center’s own blood bank.