Department of Breast Pathology


Valeriy Rodionov, M.D., Surgical oncologist, Mammologist, Plastic surgeon, Oncologist



The Department of Breast Pathology offers qualified holistic medical care to women with precancerous conditions, mastopathy, benign and malignant tumors and other breast diseases.

Staff of the Department includes specialists in oncologic and plastic surgery, oncology, oncologic mammology.


The Department specialists are masters of interventional diagnostic methods: puncturing and biopsy sampling, monitored by ultrasound, X-ray and MRI. In-depth study of the tumor biology using modern morphological and molecular methods makes possible to individualize therapy and obtain best results in treatment of these diseases.

The Department carries out:

  • Minimally invasive procedures (with elements of plastic surgery) even in complex cases;
  • A full range of cytological, histological and immunohistological tests to determine the hormonal activity of the tumor and to select treatment;
  • Mastectomy: simple, classic radical, modified radical, skin-sparing with nipple-areola complex removal, supra-radical with local tissue rearrangement;
  • Partial mastectomy;
  • Radical mastectomy;
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy;
  • Oncoplastic breast surgery;
  • Reconstructive breast surgery;
  • Organ-sparing and reconstructive surgeries using musculocutaneous flaps and implants.


The Department is fully equipped with sophisticated devices allowing the whole range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The Department gives priority to minimally invasive surgical treatment providing breast preservation or reconstruction, fast recovery, and ensuring better life quality for the patients.