Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

Head of the Laboratory:

Tatyana Ivanets, M.D., Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics




In December 2008 the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory united the Endocrinology Laboratory with the Biochemistry Laboratory and the Clinical Group of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory; this led to the optimization of the laboratory service. The main focus of the Endocrinology Laboratory was the study of the hormonal regulation mechanisms of the reproductive system and determination of hormones level in different biological materials under certain conditions.

The core staff of the laboratory is doctors of clinical laboratory diagnostics, biologists, and laboratory assistants.

The Laboratory specialists are actively engaged in scientific work: they are the authors of more than 500 articles published in Russian and foreign scientific journals. Some results of their research formed the basis of 5 fundamental studies, dedicated to the problems of reproductology.



The Laboratory performs a wide range of tests applied in the diagnostics of pathological and physiological condition:

  • Diagnosis and therapy monitoring of diabetes with the assessment of complications risk;
  • Diagnosis of anemias and intravascular hemolysis;
  • Function tests of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and thyroid;
  • Bone markers tests;
  • Acute phase protein and inflammation markers tests;
  • Diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, heart insufficiency;
  • Allergy diagnostics;
  • Prenatal screening;
  • Hematologic study;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Hormonal tests:
    • Pituitary, hypothalamic, and thyroid function test;
    • functional test of reproductive system;
    • pregnancy hormones monitoring.
  • Tumor markers tests;
  • Plasma protein electrophoresis;
  • Urine, feces, cerebro-spinal fluid, exudate, urethral and vaginal discharge tests.

The Laboratory offers more than 200 various investigations, and performs about 500 000 of tests annually.

The Laboratory has modern equipment which enables to carry out highly specific and reliable tests necessary for diagnosis and treatement.