Division of Clinical Pharmacology of Antimicrobial and Immunobiological Drugs

Head of the Division: Lyudmila Lyubasovskaya, Ph.D. in Microbiology, clinical pharmacologist, bacteriologist

E-mail: l_lyubasovskaya@oparina4.ru



Assessment of the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy in patients of the Center: clinical effectiveness, timing of the required complex of diagnostic studies. The department is a moderator of pharmaco-microbiological monitoring.

The doctors of the Department – clinical pharmacologists participate in formation of a rational drug  policy (mainly antibiotics policy) in the hospital of the Center, create an optimal range of the drugs to obtain the maximum quality of treatment with minimal adverse drug reactions; assess the compliance of the therapy with the standards and protocols of treatment, the rational use of the drugs, the adequacy of the doses and regimens, drugs availability, the presence of undesirable side effects; make recommendations on correction of the therapy in the Neonatal, Obstetrical and Gynecological Departments of the Center.



  • Taking measures to prevent predictable adverse events
  • Participation in curation of the patients who have been diagnosed with side effects of drugs or have a resistance to the ongoing pharmacotherapy
  • Drug dosage adjustment and drug interaction in the presence of concomitant pathology and other clinical features of the patient’s health status
  • Tactics of treatment of patients with severe infectious and inflammatory diseases
  • Consulting the patients on an outpatient basis on the issues of correction of  pharmacotherapy in case of simultaneous prescription of several drugs, ineffectiveness of their use and side effects, or other issues related to the individual traits for the drug use.
  • Development of algorithms of antibacterial therapy depending on nosologies and microbiological research data;
  • Introduction of the protocols of perioperative antimicrobial regimens for the prevention of surgical perioperative antimicrobial prophylaxis surgical site infections
  • Retrospective analysis of the quality of pharmacotherapy and discussion of the results with the doctors of diagnostic and treatment divisions