The 2nd Neonatal Department

Head of the Department: Mzia Makieva, PhD




The 2nd neonatal department is located in a new modern building of the Federal Perinatal Center on the 3rd and 4th floors on the territory of Maternal-Child Unit.

Within the Department parents may get all the necessary information about the health status of their child, the results of the diagnostics, and management tactics. The neonatologists support the newborn baby from the very moment of his/her birth and till the discharge from the hospital.


In the rooming-in young mothers learn baby care skills and breastfeeding techniques with the help of our high experienced specialists. If breastfeeding is contraindicated, adapted formula is used, taking into account the individual characteristics of the baby.

Group and individual lectures on child care, breastfeeding counseling, psychological training are also available.


  1. Clinical and physiological characteristics of newborns in uncomplicated and complicated intrauterine period;
  2. Primary care for the newborn in the delivery room according to updated clinical protocols (delayed umbilical cord clamping, skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth, early breastfeeding to stimulate lactation and prevent cold stress);
  3. Modern principles of healthy newborn care: rooming-in, participation of family members in neonatal care, and early and exclusive breastfeeding;
  4. Medical care for premature newborns;
  5. Vaccinations for newborns according to the National Immunization Schedule;
  6. Neonatal screenings, including special audiologic and cardiologic;
  7. Develop protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of various pathological conditions in the period of early adaptation in full-term newborns from the group of high perinatal risk;
  8. Advanced high-tech medical care for the infant in the specialized neonatal departments of the Center for early detection of pathological conditions in the newborn, in order to verify the diagnosis and therapy;
  9. Consultations for mothers on newborn care and breastfeeding after discharge from the hospital.

Special attention is paid to newborns of mothers with complicated pregnancy, premature newborns, who due to their anatomical and physiological features require individual nursing conditions with regard to temperature and feeding regimens. We also use special diagnostic and therapeutic programs for these groups of newborns.

The neonatal unit is staffed with qualified specialists 24/7. If necessary, babies can be transferred to other neonatal units of the Center or receive consultation from our leading experts.


The Department is equipped with 70 obstetric beds. We also practice rooming-in experience and luxury facilities for newly-made mothers and their newborns.

Besides, the Department has an intensive care unit equipped with 4 beds and modern instruments for the diagnosis and treatment of late premature newborns and term babies with adaptation disorders during their first days of life.

Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CT and other examinations are performed when indicated. At any time of the day, all necessary laboratory tests can be done for diagnostic purposes.

The department is modernly equipped to provide medical care for newborns, and also has all necessary care facilities.

To ensure the most comfortable stay for both the mother and the baby, the wards are equipped with air conditioning and air purification systems.

A welcoming environment in the ward, most early contact between the mother and baby are essential elements of good newborn care and form a positive emotional memory about labor. A healthy child is discharged home from the Department, so our main goal is to provide psychological comfort for the parents and their baby. This ultimately helps to ensure a high quality of life and a healthy family atmosphere.